Data Security: Heartland Payment Breach Reveals Some Concrete Numbers.

I’ve found via that has a list of banks impacted by the Heartland Payment Systems breach.  The CEO of Heartland called for the use of end-to-end data encryption, as I’ve already relayed last week.  In a follow up post, I’ve noted that I still don’t believe that up to 100 million accounts could […] read more

Cost Of Data Breaches Continues To Rise: 2008 Shows Highest Costs Yet.

The Ponemon Institute has announced its fourth annual survey regarding the cost of data breaches in the US.  According to the newest result, the cost for 2008 was $202 per affected customer record.  When you consider that most data breaches in the US occur due to lost laptops, managed encryption solutions like hard drive encryption […] read more

Data Breach Cost: VA Agrees To Pay $20 Million For Lost And Recovered Laptop.

The US Department of Veteran Affairs has decided to settle a class-action suite that was filed in response to the theft of a laptop and external hard disk from a VA employee.  The computer did not feature laptop encryption software nor was there any type of file encryption program protecting the contents. The settlement of […] read more

Sloppy Laptop Security Can Cost Over $500,000.

The value of the data on those who do carry valuable information on their laptops is $525,000 on average.  This was the result of a survey commissioned by a company that specializes in offering secured wireless and wired broadband services to hotels and conference centers.   The survey included 491 participants, all of them users […] read more