Hospital Laptop Encryption: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Data Breach Affects 3,900.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is alerting 3,900 patients that a laptop computer with personal medical information was stolen.  The article at reveals that a tracking device was used on the laptop, but it’s not mentioned whether the device was protected with data encryption software like AlertBoot.  Regardless, patients should be able to rest […] read more

BYOD Protection: Dutch Chemical Company Attacked With USB Memory Sticks.

Cyber criminals have attempted to infiltrate a Dutch chemical company by “losing” USB sticks infected with malware in the company’s parking lot.  Gives a totally different spin to the term “computer trojan horse” and shows how BYOD protection and security can be maximized if employees are properly educated. BYOD: The Culmination of an Old Trend […] read more

Tablet Security: Nearly 3500 Tablets And Smartphones Lost At Top US Airports.

According to a new survey by Credant Technologies, over 8,000 portable devices were left behind in the US’s top airports: Chicago O’Hare, Denver International, San Francisco International, Charlotte Douglas, Miami International, Orlando International, and Minneapolis / St. Paul.  Seeing how BYOD and IT Consumerization has been slowly taking off in the past year, one truly […] read more

Android Security: Your Smartphone Now Comes With Spam (Updated).

Apparently, Jelly Bean is not the only “foodstuff” that’s new in the Android universe.  There are reports that a Microsoft researcher has unearthed what could be the first instance of Android mobile devices being hijacked to spread spam (SPAM spread.  Not a pretty picture).  Instances of malware like these keep reinforcing the obvious for companies […] read more

Enterprise BYOD: SF Giants Is An SMB When It Comes To IT.

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the San Francisco Giants (they’re a US baseball team) has revealed how he goes about implementing BYOD.  What’s interesting is that, from an IT perspective, they face the same issues small to medium enterprises (SME) would face when it comes to BYOD security. “We’re Not an IT Company” Based […] read more