Data Security No Laughing Matter For UK Top Gear Host.

The BBC is reporting that one of their own, Top Gear’s host Jeremy Clarkson, has fallen victim to a phishing scam.  A scam that benefitted Diabetes UK, a charitable organization, by five hundred pounds (money, not weight).  The person to blame?  Mr. Clarkson.  I’ve never seen his TV show (I rarely flip through BBC America, […] read more

Obfuscation One Way To Implement Data Security.

But not necessarily the best method, especially when it involves hiding a security manual from your workers who are supposed to follow it.  The Guardian has just released an article stating that junior civil servants, the same ones that were implicated in losing to CDs with information on 25 million children in the UK, were […] read more

When It Rains, It Pours. More Disks With Personal Information Go Missing In The UK.

I’m reading in the Daily Mail that the personal data of 16,000 children was lost at a London hospital (Hmm…  The headline says 16,000, the article says 160,000.  That’s a huge difference).  The data was contained on a computer disk.  Thankfully, the information was encrypted before being sent:  “BT couriered a fully encrypted disc containing […] read more

Medical Data Breach In British Columbia And New Brunswick.

Data tapes containing medicare billing information on 385 N.B. residents and 133 B.C. residents have gone missing.  An investigation is under way, although at this stage they believe the tapes are misplaced, not stolen (or lost, seems to be the implication).  The (much more believable) good news is that the tapes require specialized hardware and […] read more