Full Disk Encryption: Portland Psychologist Has Car Break-In, Notifies Thousands Of Data Breach.

A Portland, Oregon psychologist has alerted approximately 4,000 patients that personal health information was stolen from his car in July, when someone broke into his car and stole his laptop computer and briefcase.  While there is no mention of drive encryption software, it’s been noted that password-protection was used to “protect” the data.  On a […] read more

Data Encryption Software Not Used On South Shore Hospital Backup Files?.

South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, MA has announced a massive data breach.  Backup files, shipped to be destroyed, have ended up partially missing.  Up to 800,000 people are involved in this breach.  It sounds like data encryption was not used to protect the contents, although I’m wondering whether it was necessary in light of what […] read more

Disk Encryption: CA Health Care Services Misplaces CD, Affects Nearly 29,808 People.

A CD sent from Care 1st to the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is lost, potentially affecting 29,808 medi-Cal beneficiaries.  While the story might be “anecdotal” in that it represents what happened to one company, it highlights why more and more companies are turning to security solutions like laptop encryption software from AlertBoot. […] read more

Disk Encryption: NY Lincoln Medical Notifies 130,945 Of Data Breach.

The loss of seven CDs means a medical data breach for over 130,000 people who’ve visited Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center in New York.  The CDs were not protected using disk encryption software, a terrible move, since this seems to qualify as a HIPAA breach. Biller Causes Problems The information that was breached, sometime […] read more

CD Disc Encryption: Interior Department Loses Encrypted CD, Notifies 7500 Employees.

A procurement specialist at the Interior Department’s National Business Center reported a CD as missing, which triggered breach notifications to 7,500 federal employees.  This was despite the contents of the CD being protected by data encryption.  Why?  I’m truly perplexed. Encryption = Protection The CD was lost around May 26.  Information contained in the disc […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software For Social Security Administration Telecommuters?.

Workers at the Social Security Administration are finding renewed vitality from their ability to work from home.  However, it’s been pointed out by the SSA Office of the Inspector General that the practice increases the risk of a data breach.  I can see why: employees have been allowed to take CDs that were not guarded […] read more

Drive Encryption Or Ban On Physical Transfer Of Digital Files?.

Would you or your company consider never copying sensitive data to digital media and mailing it?  In other words, ban the practice of sending in the mail CDs and DVDs loaded with personal information?  It’s not a bad idea, but why not just use encryption software like AlertBoot to secure the data? Practice Transfers Risk, […] read more

Disk Encryption: Towers Watson Information Breach The Next Colt Express?.

databreaches.net has noted that a third entity has reported a data breach related to two DVDs missing from Towers Watson, and is wondering whether this is the next Colt Express situation.  If you’ll recall, Colt Express suffered a break-in, and computers with sensitive information–which were not protected with disk encryption software like AlertBoot–were stolen, a […] read more