Smartphone Security: Phone Theft Drops In Cities As Kill Switches Take Hold.

Reuters is reporting the unsurprising news that London, New York City, and San Francisco are seeing dramatic drops in smartphone thefts after the implementation of kill switches on devices became mandatory.  The ability to encrypt the contents of these devices has existed for years (via smartphone encryption that came either turned on by default or […] read more

Federal Data Breach Notification Law: Attorney General Calls On Congress For One.

US Attorney General Eric Holder has released a video, asking Congress to create a national data breach notification framework, citing last year’s Target and Neiman Marcus data breaches that affected over 70 million people.  Currently, data breach notification laws are a mishmash of different requirements (assuming there is one.  The last time I checked 44 […] read more

UK FDE: ICO Releases 2013 Data Breach Stats.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK has released a compendium  of numbers for data breaches from April 2013 to December 2013.  While laptop disk encryption and similar crypto technologies are the best way to prevent data breaches in the US (based on public records like HIPAA’s “Wall of Shame”), it looks like the […] read more