Data Encryption: Health Net Sued By CT Attorney General.

Health Net of Connecticut is facing a lawsuit filed by the Attorney General of Connecticut, according to  The AG is also looking to have Health Net use disk encryption software on portable electronic devices. If you’ll recall, Health Net waited 6 months to notify their clients about a data breach that was started when […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Hacking Top Reason For Data Breaches.

Is full disk encryption becoming less important?  According to a new report by, hacking is now the number one cause for data braches, followed by internal attacks, as reported by PC World. That’s Not Quite Right… I must take some issue with the PC World article, though.  There are two sets of stats, and […] read more

Information Security: Woman Fired After Direct Tweeting To Governor. HIPAA Violation.

I seem to veering a lot from covering drive encryption software issues, but this particular issue of woman being fired for sending a tweet to Governor Barbour (Mississippi) is pretty interesting. A hospital administrator, Jennifer Carter, at UMC (University Medical Center) was “strongly encouraged to resign” after she had sent the following tweet to the […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software? 1 In 6 Massachusetts Residents Victim Of Data Breach.

The Boston Globe has noted that 1 in 6 MA residents have been subjected to a data breach of their personal information over the past two years.  While computer full disk encryption like AlertBoot would have helped prevent many of these breaches, most have involved instances where encryption software would have been of questionable utility: […] read more

Laptop Data Encryption For SMBs – Small And Medium Sized Businesses.

Data encryption for SMBs: It’s an issue that bears looking into because of the upcoming compliance requirements with Massachusetts’s 201 CMR 17.00 legislation (aka the “data breach laws”). While there are many aspects to cover under 201 CMR 17.00–including the protection of paper documents under lock–perhaps the issue that has raised the most ruckus is […] read more

Data Encryption Software Exemption To Federal Law On Data Breach And Identity Theft Risk Passed By House.

The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would set a nationwide rule similar to California’s SB 1386 (Cali’s data breach notification law, as some call it).  Among other similarities, it grants safe harbor for any companies that use data encryption to minimize the risk of a security breach of people’s personal information. “Encryption” […] read more

Data Security: HIPAA vs HITECH – Mandating Patient Notification.

There is a lot of controversy over making data encryption mandatory vs. strongly encouraging it (and being “punished” with notifications in the event of a data breach where encryption was not used, hence “encouraging it”). However, if you take a look at the recent Wentworth-Douglass Hospital debacle, one wonders whether strong encouragement can really get […] read more