Third Circuit Appellate Court Says “OK” To Data Breach Lawsuit.

Recently, the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit concluded that “the improper disclosure of one’s personal data in violation of FCRA [Fair Credit Reporting Act] is a cognizable injury for Article III standing purposes.” In other words, people can go to court over data breaches and data breaches alone; there is no need […] read more

Personal Data Breach: Consumer Churn Rate Directly Tied To Infosec Events Is Significant.

A global study has revealed that personal data breaches lead to sizable numbers of customers to turn their back on companies.  This might not be news, but perhaps the figures are: 23% of the respondents affirmatively answered that they have stopped doing business companies that failed to properly safeguard their data.  All the more reason […] read more

More On TD Bank Data Breach Involving Backup Tapes.

Encryption software is not a magical cure-all for digital data woes, but it certainly can cut down on the risks of them coming to fruition.  Take, for example, the TD Bank data breach that I had blogged about earlier this month. In that particular case, computer tapes that contained Social Security numbers and other sensitive […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: BMO Harris Bank Notifies Clients Of Laptop Theft.

BMO Harris Bank has announced today that customers’ names, addresses, and dates of birth were breached when a laptop computer was stolen from a vendor.  Per the article at, it appears that drive encryption software like AlertBoot was not used. On the one hand, the information on the stolen laptop is not traditionally considered […] read more

Data Breach Cost: Global Payments Reports Breach Cost $84.4 Million.

Global Payments, a Sandy Springs-based credit and debit card processor that disclosed in March 30 that it was hacked, says that its data breach cleanup costs have reached $84.4 million so far.  While it’s debatable whether data encryption would have made a difference — the company has advocated end-to-end encryption for credit card transactions since […] read more

Data Encryption: Belgian Bank Receives "Idiot Tax" (aka, Hackers Blackmail It).

Earlier this month, hackers threatened to release a bank’s information if the financial institution didn’t pay them €150,000 (approximately US$197,000).  While it sounds like blackmail, the hackers deemed it an “‘idiot tax’ for leaving confidential data unprotected on a Web server.”  It turns out, the information was stored unencrypted.  Online.  Data encryption software, like AlertBoot, […] read more

UK Drive Encryption: Two Housing Bodies Breach DPA After USB Memory Stick Lost.

Two London housing bodies, Lewisham Homes and Wandle Housing Association, admitted to breaching the UK’s Data Protection Act when a USB memory stick with tenant information turned up at a police station.  The problem?  Lack of disk encryption software like AlertBoot, certainly, but also a lack of data controls. Contractor Involved According to, the […] read more