Data Encryption: TD Bank Settles For $850,000 After 1.5-Yr Long Investigation Over Lost Data Tapes.

In 2012, TD Bank reported the loss of backup tapes.  With over 250,000 people affected, it was one of the top data breaches for that year.  The lack of data encryption on the tapes – plus the fact that this happened in Massachusetts, which is considered to have one of the most onerous data security […] read more

More On TD Bank Data Breach Involving Backup Tapes.

Encryption software is not a magical cure-all for digital data woes, but it certainly can cut down on the risks of them coming to fruition.  Take, for example, the TD Bank data breach that I had blogged about earlier this month. In that particular case, computer tapes that contained Social Security numbers and other sensitive […] read more

Bank Disk Encryption: TD Bank Announces Data Breach Of 267,000 Clients.

According to many periodicals based out of the New England region, TD Bank (based in Canada) has announced a data breach that affects 267,000 people.  The breach took place in March(!) of this year, when it’s believed that a couple of data backup tapes went missing.  The use of data encryption software like AlertBoot would […] read more

Data Encryption Software: South Shore Hospital Pays $750K In MA, HIPAA Settlement.

Numerous sources are reporting that South Shore Hospital, based in Weymouth, MA, has settled a lawsuit brought by the Massachusetts Attorney General.  The settlement is being quoted as $750,000 but this figure is not quite correct: $275,000 of the total figure is a credit for security measures South Shore has already taken. The breach has […] read more

Backup Tape Encryption: California Department of Child Support Services Breaches Data On 800,000.

Numerous, numerous sources are reporting that the California Department of Child Support Services breached the personal information of approximately 800,000 California residents when four backup tapes went missing when they were sent via FedEx from Colorado to California.  Needless to say, encryption — the same that powers AlertBoot’s laptop encryption software — should have been […] read more