Application Control – Whitelists for Controlling Malware.

There is news that security vendors are beginning to rethink their philosophy on how to protect computers.  The current practice is for security vendors to create blacklists of software that is not allowed to run on a computer.  This protects computer users from the installation of malicious software.  The problem with such a strategy is […] read more

Application Control Is An Effective Method To Stem Malware For Endpoint Security.

There is news today that Germany’s Federal Crime Office has busted a gang of phishing scammers.   The gang has been under surveillance for about 18 months, and the arrests have been in several German cities.  The gang was actually composed of people from Germany, Russia, and the Ukraine.  Unlike the initial phishing techniques used […] read more

Third Data Breach At Pharmaceutical Company Shows The Importance of Endpoint Security.

Pfizer announced this week that there was serious security breach resulting in the loss of personal data affecting current employees as well as former ones.  It’s the third security breach in as many months.  In June, Pfizer exposed employees’ personal information via P2P filesharing.  About three weeks ago, consultants working for the company had their […] read more