Los Alamos National Laboratory: Sometimes Data Security Requires More Than Laptop Encryption.

There is a short article at the AP that makes one wonder what exactly they do at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  I’ve read enough technology?centric books to know that Los Alamos was where the first nuclear bomb was developed under Manhattan Project.  It is currently home to many math, physics, and other science and engineering […] read more

College Entrance Exam Data Security Breach In Japan.

The Yomiuri Shimbun reports that a personal computer and a memory card belonging to a test writer were stolen.  The test writer in this case was writing for the National Center for University Entrance Examinations, which is in charge of creating the college entrance exam that is given once a year in Japan.  The next […] read more

When It Rains, It Pours. More Disks With Personal Information Go Missing In The UK.

I’m reading in the Daily Mail that the personal data of 16,000 children was lost at a London hospital (Hmm…  The headline says 16,000, the article says 160,000.  That’s a huge difference).  The data was contained on a computer disk.  Thankfully, the information was encrypted before being sent:  “BT couriered a fully encrypted disc containing […] read more

Floppy Disks Used To Trounce Data Security In Formula One.

For those who don’t know, this has been a very busy year for Formula One, not in terms of racing, but in terms of data theft.  Over the past Thanksgiving weekend I had seen a blurb in a small Brazilian article about McLaren accusing Renault of stealing secrets (Formula 1 racing in Brazil…I never realized […] read more

A Sure-Fire Way of Preventing Endpoint Security Breaches In Phishing Scams.

Salesforce.com has recently issued an alert to their customers, letting them know that a Salesforce.com employee was the victim of a phishing scam.  This allowed the phishers  to copy Salesforce.com customer contact list which was subsequently used for sending e-mails that looked like Salesforce.com invoices, but designed to collect passwords.  Perhaps this was an exploratory […] read more

Workplace Education As Important As Data Encryption When It Comes To Endpoint Security: A Calculation.

According to a national survey conducted by ISACA, thirty-five percent of US workers have violated their company’s IT policies.  Sixteen percent have also used peer-to-peer filesharing programs at work.  When put in this context, I guess, it’s not surprising that major companies such as Pfizer and Citigroup had a major data breaches in the past […] read more

Data Encryption And SMBs – The Smaller You Are, The Greater The On-Line Threat.

Many of the stories covered in the media regarding data and security breaches involves companies that are large, usually Fortune 500, maybe Fortune 1000.  We must not forget, however, that any business needs to practice proper security when it comes to customer data.  For example, the Boston Globe covers today the theft of customers’ credit […] read more

Alumni Data And University Administrative Functions: Data Encryption Is Vital, For Now.

There is news today that over seven thousand former students of the University of Cincinnati were affected in a data breach.  A flash drive with sensitive information on 7366 students and graduates was stolen from an employee’s desk. One of the people interviewed for the article, Cybil Pearson, stated that she had not been at […] read more

Real Data Security Is Necessary In Virtual Environments As Well.

The Infotech section of the India Times on-line recently carried an article where an insider leaked software code to a rival team.  I’m not sure if actually happened, or if it’s just a what-if scenario, but it is readily believable.  In fact, I’ll bet it’s not unusual, although I doubt it’s common.  Essentially, the insider […] read more

Encryption is a Key Ingredient when Limes and Wires Mix.

Looks like another bank has been struck by a data breach.  The victim in this case is Citigroup, more specifically the ABN Amro Mortgage Group unit.  An employee at the mortgage unit inadvertently leaked the Social Security numbers and credit information (not “credit card” information) of 5208 customers.  How did the data breach happen?  The […] read more