Military USB Memory Stick Ban: Lack Of Disk Encryption Is Not The Only Issue.

The US Department of Defense is banning USB memory stick as well as all other forms of removable media storage devices. (Makes me wonder why they didn’t react this quickly when they decided data encryption software was necessary to safeguard the information on their computers.)  In the face of this ban, it seems like a […] read more

UK Military Using Full Disk Encryption On 20,000 Laptops.

The security?breach whipping?boy for the past 6 months has decided that it has had enough.  The UK government, more specifically the military, is installing encryption software on 20,000 laptops.  The military already had a program in progress where 300,000 users would be able to access information via their web-browsers.  Called the Defence Information Infrastructure (DII), […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption A Needed Solution In Light Of BP Internal Memo.

A recent memo by British Petroleum (BP) shows why companies may want to step up their information security practices.  According to, the UK oil colossus has been having a heck of a time cleaning up after messes not caused by oil spills.   Some of the messes include the theft of a laptop with […] read more

Hannaford Suffers Credit Card Data Breach. Could Their Drive Encryption Processes Be Stronger?.

Hannaford supermarkets has been alerting their customers that there has been a data breach of credit card and debit card numbers.  The statement that they’ve released made an emphatic point to let the public know that the information breach concerns those numbers alone, and does not extend to other personal information such as names and […] read more

MTV Security Breach Affects 5000 Employees.

MTV Networks, owned by Viacom, experienced a data breach this Friday, and five thousand of its employees may have fallen victim to the socially?engineered attack.  While MTV is trying to find out what exactly happened, the information so far indicates that an outsider successfully convinced an MTV employee to download a Trojan to be installed […] read more

Hospital Laptop Security: The Potential Consequences or How Patient Information Can Be Misused.

The Star-Ledger has an article detailing how hospital data was used to enable identity theft.  It turns out that there were no computers involved in this particular instance, but it shows the potential ramifications of losing an unencrypted data device, such as a laptop, from hospital settings—highlighting why laptop encryption services like AlertBoot is necessary. […] read more

Virtualization As A Replacement For Laptop Security?.

I was reading an AP article today on Microsoft acquiring a small virtualization company, when a line jumped out at me.  The writer of the article stated that virtualization “would make losing a laptop much less disastrous.”  Now, this statement is not wrong.  But you’d need to put some perspective on it to be truly […] read more

Salma Hayek Loses Laptop. What Could She Have Done For Better Laptop Security?.

The celebrity blogosphere is abuzz over the loss of a laptop owned by Salma Hayek.  The laptop was lost while Ms. Hayek was on a trip overseas, and it contained—among other things, I assume—pictures of family, friends, and her newborn baby, Valentina.  It is said that the stunning Mexican actress is concerned that the laptop […] read more

Colombian Crisscrosses US To Steal Information From Hotel Computers With No Data Security.

A Colombian man, Mario Alberto Simbaqueba Bonilla, has been arrested in Miami for stealing information from computers in hotel business centers.  He stole credit card numbers and other personal information to the tune of more than $400,000, and now faces 10 years in prison.  The scam was perpetrated in the following manner: between 2004 and 2007, […] read more

Could Application Control And White Lists Be A Rising Star For Data Security?.

A couple of months back, antivirus companies such as Symantec proposed the use of white lists and black lists to control the ever-growing problem of malware infestation.  There was something for ruckus at the time because this particular solution has many problems.  Controlling which applications can and cannot run via the use of authorization lists […] read more