Android Security: Google’s Application Verification Service "Nascent," Lacking.

According to a researcher at North Carolina State University (who’s been quite prodigious when it comes to Google Android security issues), Android’s application verification in JellyBean — aka, Android 4.2 — is a welcome feature but also lacking when it comes to mobile security.  But, he appears to foresee an improvement.  For the time being, […] read more

Data Encryption Software For Smart Water Meters?. has an article on how smart water meters are easily hackable because they don’t have any security in place.  Apparently, these devices can be easily secured via the use of encryption or even spectrum hopping but smart meter manufacturers haven’t done so because of increased costs. This lack of security means potential problems.  Some […] read more

Starbucks Mobile App Not Secure. Well, Kinda…(But Not Anymore).

The Register has a story on the insecurity of the Starbucks app, the one that went nationwide (in the US) just last month.  More specifically, the barcode (technically, the QR code) that’s scanned to buy coffee and other goods at Starbucks can be copied, meaning someone could buy coffee for free but at a cost […] read more

Key Touch Pass: A Security Solution For Once You’ve Passed The Disk Encryption Prompt?.

Another day, another security solution based on how you type.  NTT has developed an information security system called Key Touch Pass that essentially identifies a computer user’s identity based on how they type.  Unlike disk encryption like AlertBoot, it looks to protect while a computer is being used. How It Works According to, Key […] read more

Data Security: How Kern Medical Center Responded To A Data Breach.

I was reading a Forbes article on how Kern Medical Center’s IT systems stopped working due to a malware infestation this past July when I burst out laughing.  The story has absolutely nothing to do with data encryption software, but I thought I’d share it, both for the humorous incident and the insight. MSFT’s .lmk […] read more

Data Security: PSU Alerts 30,000 Of Data Breach.

Penn State University has a potential data breach on their hands–and not because of a stolen computer that lacked drive encryption software such as AlertBoot.  In this case, it’s malware that’s causing the (potential) problem. Letters Sent Out December 23 On December 23, posted news that Penn State was sending out data breach notification letters […] read more

Data Security: House Of Reps. Passing P2P Bill? Secure Federal File Sharing Act.

A bill was introduced this week by Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee.  The bill, the Secure Federal File Sharing Act, is aimed at restricting the use of peer-to-peer (P2P) software by government employees and contractors. (If they could only do something similar for hard drive encryption software […] read more

Application Control Software: A Reminder Of Its Importance, Curious George, And The Lovesick.

Lovesick malware-spreader hits hospital Curious George is a bad monkey.  He’s spreading malware Hard disk encryption  is one of the best methods for protecting your data.  However, it’s not the “be all, end all” of computer data security.  And here are a couple of notable cases that show you why. Ohio Hospital A Casualty A […] read more