Errata: Wrong Dates For AlertBoot/eGestalt Webinars.

It has come to my attention that I announced the wrong dates on this blog for the following webinars, hosted by AlertBoot and eGestalt: “HIPAA/HITECH Compliance: Data Privacy and Security Best Practices for Medical Practitioners and Small Businesses” will take place on July 29th (not July 29th) and August 9th. (Click here to register).  If […] read more

Canada Data Breach Law: Fines Coming To PIPEDA?.

Canada Industry Minister Tony Clement says he’s open to the idea of fines for data breaches involving customer information.  It appears to be a response to last week’s call for “attention-getting fines” by Canada’s Privacy Commissioner.  Canada does have data protection laws (PIPEDA, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), that require, among other things, […] read more

German T-Mobile Loses 17 Million Customer Records. The Consequences Of Missing Data Encryption.

Germany’s T-Mobile has admitted to a data breach that could affect up to 17 million people.  While the breach had happened in the spring of 2006, T-Mobile hadn’t alerted its customers at that time.  This week’s announcement was prompted by the findings of Der Spiegel magazine, which was able to access the information from unnamed […] read more

Royal Air Force Staff Information Stolen In Theft From High Security Area. Hard Drive Encryption Not Used.

Personal details of 50,000 current and ex RAF personnel was lost on September 17.  From a high-security area.  The sensitive information was stored on three external hard drives that were not protected with hard drive encryption software like AlertBoot.  This case is something of a calamity, since it’s more than a lost or stolen disk.  […] read more

GS Caltex Information Security Breach Leaked By The Criminals. No Wonder There Was No File Encryption.

Four people were arrested over the weekend in relation to the massive data breach GS Caltex—the second biggest oil refiner in South Korea—suffered late last week.  There were signs that this may have been an inside job, based on the fact that there was no hacking involved of the company’s databases (although that can’t always […] read more

Bank Data Tape With No File Encryption Lost: Wells Fargo Customers Affected.

At least, I’m assuming that file encryption was not used based on the article I’m reading at  A computer data tape which contained sensitive customer information like names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and bank account numbers was reported as lost by Wells Fargo.  Specifically, the Shoshone First Bank in Cody and Powell; Jackson State […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Not Used At State Street?.

State Street Corp., the global money manager based out of Boston, is alerting 45,000 customers and employees that they may be at an increased chance of identity theft.  More specifically, they’re legacy customers and employees from Investors Financial Services (IBT), a firm that State Street acquired last year.  IBT had retained the services of a […] read more

Bank Of Ireland Loses Laptops Without Hard Drive Encryption.

Bank of Ireland customers, nearly 10,000 of them, have had their information stolen.  Between June and October of last year, four laptops were stolen from the bank’s life assurance division.  The information breach included data on personal pension plan details, dates of birth, addresses, and bank account details.  Whole disk encryption solutions like AlertBoot were […] read more

NIH Loses Laptop Computer Lacking Hard Disk Encryption.

The National Institute of Health has reported that a laptop with patients’ data has been stolen.  The theft took place about a month ago, but the incident was not made public until today.  Approximately 2500 patients may be affected by the latest data security breach, since the laptop in question did not feature full disk […] read more