Hilton To Pay $700,000 Over 2015 Data Breach, Slow Notifications.

The New York attorney general has announced a $700,000 settlement with Hilton Worldwide Holdings over issues related to the two data breaches that occurred in 2014 and 2015. $400,000 will go to New York. The remaining goes to Vermont which collaborated in the investigation.   Reported Breaches Late, In November 2015 Multinational corporations being hacked […] read more

Equifax Hack Affects 143 Million SSNs.

Equifax, one of the three largest credit reporting agencies in the US, announced yesterday that they have been hacked. The leaked information includes full names, SSNs, birth dates, and addresses, among other data. It’s not the biggest hack to date – that dubious honor goes to Yahoo, which claimed 1 billion users and 500 million […] read more

Data Breach Cost: Global Payments Reports Breach Cost $84.4 Million.

Global Payments, a Sandy Springs-based credit and debit card processor that disclosed in March 30 that it was hacked, says that its data breach cleanup costs have reached $84.4 million so far.  While it’s debatable whether data encryption would have made a difference — the company has advocated end-to-end encryption for credit card transactions since […] read more

Data Security: Global Payments Breach Prompting Other Processors To Take Action?.

The big story from last week was the revelation that Global Payments, a “minor” credit card processor, had suffered a data breach at the hands of hackers.  It was one of those data breaches where data encryption software like AlertBoot would not have made an impact.  So, I thought I’d wait a bit before commenting […] read more

Cost of Data Security Breach: Stratfor Report $2M In Losses, $700K Charged To Cards.

According to securityweek.com and nytimes.com, the Stratfor hack by AntiSec resulted in losses of $2,000,000 to the company.  Another $700,000 of unauthorized charges were made on customers’ credit cards.  You’ll recall that Stratfor admitted to not using data encryption when storing customer’s credit card information. I’ve covered the Stratfor hack previously: Cards not encrypted, stored […] read more

Data Encryption: Stratfor Stored Credit Cards In Plain Text.

The Office of Inadequate Security (databreaches.net) has been following the Anonymous hack of Stratfor.com very closely.  Of course, this is the hack where data encryption software was not used to protect credit card numbers, which were in return used to make “charitable” donations. Dissent, the administrator behind databreaches.net, has raised a number of pertinent questions […] read more

Credit Card Encryption Decoded In StudentCity.com Hack.

According to databreaches.net, StudentCity.com — a student travel company that specializes in spring break vacation for US college students, according to their site — notified the NH Attorney General’s Office over a data breach.  What attracted my attention is that they’re claiming that credit card information that was protected with encryption was broken in some […] read more