Yet Another Unencrypted Laptop Computer Stolen From A Car: Cross Country Healthcare Staffing In The News.

Three different healthcare staffing companies doing business under the umbrella of Cross Country Staffing has alerted the Attorney General in New Hampshire about a possible information security breach.  A laptop computer containing the information of some Cross Country employees—including their names, Social Security numbers, and addresses—was stolen from an employee’s car.   The letter to […] read more

No Laptop Encryption: Memorial Hospital Loses Laptop Containing Sensitive Employee Data.

Missing information at one of South Bend’s largest employers could put thousands at risk. Memorial Hospital has notified employees that a laptop containing personal information is missing. An employee lost the laptop while traveling in November. This week employees received a letter warning them that the missing computer contains their names, addresses, birth dates, ID […] read more

The Need for Hard Drive and File Encryption Will Continue to Grow: California State Representative Wants Tougher Breach, ID Theft Laws.

California State Senator Joe Simitian — a Democrat representing the tech-heavy Palo Alto constituency — is back on the war path fighting for consumer rights relating to the use of information technology, in this case seeking stronger laws regarding data breach reporting guidelines and promoting new legal tools for use in punishing identity thieves. Simitian […] read more

Unencrypted Flash Drive Causes Data Breach At Fertility Clinic.

The University of Minnesota’s Reproductive Medicine Center has announced that a doctor lost information on 3,100 patients.  The information was contained in a USB flash drive that was used as a backup to a computer.  Contrary to the University of Minnesota regulations, this particular flash drive was not encrypted.   More specifically, the lost USB […] read more

UK Hospital Struck Twice With Computer Theft. Data Encryption Not Present.

The Royal Bolton Hospital in England has fallen victim to computer theft—twice.  In each instance, medical information was on the stolen devices.  The thefts took place in October and November, but the public is being alerted only now.  I guess someone is thanking an all-powerful being that the UK does not have HIPAA legislation to […] read more

Oops! Worcester Stolen Laptop Incorrectly Identified As Having Data Encryption.

A stolen laptop was reported by Fallon Community Health Plan earlier this month as being encrypted.  Now, Fallon is reversing itself and saying that the laptop was not encrypted, based on the conclusions of a forensic technologist.   This means that over 30,000 members of Fallon Community Health Plan could be affected.  While financial information […] read more

Hospital Laptop Security: The Potential Consequences or How Patient Information Can Be Misused.

The Star-Ledger has an article detailing how hospital data was used to enable identity theft.  It turns out that there were no computers involved in this particular instance, but it shows the potential ramifications of losing an unencrypted data device, such as a laptop, from hospital settings—highlighting why laptop encryption services like AlertBoot is necessary. […] read more

Loss of Flash Drive With Medical Information Kept Secret In The UK.

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that four thousand NHS patients in the UK have fallen victim to a possible data breach; however, they don’t know this.  At least, not yet.  A flash drive, also known as a computer memory stick, was lost by an NHS employee who had the data device around her neck.  […] read more

Hospitals To Be Checked For HIPAA Compliance.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will soon begin on?site reviews to see whether hospitals are in compliance with HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  Approximately 10 to 20 hospitals will be visited, and the results published.  The names of the hospitals visited will not be revealed, however, regardless of the […] read more

Data Protection Is The Law In Oregon At The Turn Of The Year: Data Encryption Can Help.

The associated Oregon senate bill, The Oregon Identity Theft Protection Act (SB 583), is surprisingly short but to the point—and extremely readable.  It feels like someone other than lawyers wrote it up.  It also seems to build on past legislation already in place for personal data protection.  For example, those who are already in compliance […] read more