NIH Loses Laptop Computer Without Hard Disk Encryption: Some Thoughts.

I blogged last night (much sooner than the mainstream media, it seems like—I know I didn’t see too many other articles at the time) about how the National Institute of Health had reported that a laptop with patients’ data was stolen.  At the time I said that it affected 2500 people and that the blame […] read more

Indiana VA Arrests Laptop Theft. Still Doesn’t Know Whether There Was Full Disk Encryption.

A former patient has been charged with the theft of a laptop from a VA hospital last November.  If you’ll recall, the Indianapolis VA center found itself short of a laptop, two desktops, and assorted peripheral equipment.  The items were stolen over Veterans Day weekend, ironically enough.  One of the stolen computers contained information on […] read more

Healthcare Organizations Say Incidents of Data Breaches Growing. Secure Information With Computer and Laptop Encryption.

Healthcare organizations are beginning to feel the heat.  First, there is the surprise HIPAA security audits the Feds are planning on conducting.  I already blogged about it before, and how it was just a preliminary one.  The exercises to be conducted this year are to figure out how to approach such audits, and affect a […] read more

Government Conclusion: Irish Bloodbank Did Not Breach Data Protection Act Because Laptop Encryption Was Used.

Irish Blood Transfusion Services did not breach the Data Protection Act when their donors’ information got stolen earlier this month.  Or rather, when the laptop containing their donors’ information was stolen. The Data Protection Commission found “…that the encryption in place on the laptop was sufficient to ensure that there is only the remotest of possibilities […] read more

California Expands Data Breach Notification Laws – A Supplement To HIPAA?.

California has recently passed a law updating their state Data Breach Notification laws.  In addition to reporting those instances where financial information was breached, businesses with clients in California will have to notify instances where medical information was compromised.  Those who haven’t been following such things closely may wonder if this is truly news (and […] read more

Irish Blood Donor Data Security Breach Potentially Averted.

At least, I’d say it was averted.  A laptop computer with over 171,000 confidential blood donor records was stolen in New York.  Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) had sent an encrypted computer disk with the records to New York.  The information was copied to a laptop, and somewhere along the line the poor bloke carrying […] read more

Medical Data Security Growing Problem In Years To Come.

The Government Technology site has an article by Jim McKay about the growing problem of medical insurance fraud.  Medical insurance fraud accounts for only three percent of US healthcare costs, which currently translates to about $60 billion, and of that, 1% is attributed to medical ID theft—which is quite sizable when you look at the […] read more

Laptop Security: 5000 Patient Records In The UK Stolen. Data Encryption Not Present. Why Factors Other Than Encryption Algorithms Matter.

Thousands of UK patients have had their information compromised by the theft of a laptop from Russells Hall Hospital.  The laptop was stolen on January 8 but affected patients are being notified only now.  The authorities were alerted at the time of the theft.   The hospital has tried to reassure patients that their data […] read more

Blood Bank Computer Security Lapse Affects 320,000.

Lifeblood, a blood center operating out of Memphis, has notified the press that two laptops are missing and presumed stolen.  The laptops contained the information of donors, including names, contact information, and, in some cases, Social Security numbers.  Approximately 320,000 donors are potentially affected, and they’re being individually notified so they can place fraud alerts […] read more

Administrative Systems, Inc. Reports Information Security Breach On 200,000.

The site has a follow up on a small article that I saw yesterday.  It looks like someone who was affected by Administrative Systems, Inc. (ASI) computer theft got in touch with the privacy?championing website.   The original article, while short, had made a couple of things clear.  A desktop computer was stolen from […] read more