Canada Data Breach Law: Fines Coming To PIPEDA?.

Canada Industry Minister Tony Clement says he’s open to the idea of fines for data breaches involving customer information.  It appears to be a response to last week’s call for “attention-getting fines” by Canada’s Privacy Commissioner.  Canada does have data protection laws (PIPEDA, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), that require, among other things, […] read more

CD Data Destruction: Like You’re the Dark Sith Lord.

I came across a brilliant way of destroying CDs so that their contents cannot be read once you’re done with them.  Sure, protecting any sensitive information with data encryption software, like AlertBoot, before you save it to a CD pretty guarantees data security; however, I doubt it’d be as electrifying. Erase CD with HV (High […] read more

Social Security Number Protection Bill Approved, Something Of A Letdown.

Disk encryption software like AlertBoot is great for protecting sensitive data, such as Social Security numbers stored in a computer.  But, encryption is not the be all, end all of data security.  In fact, sometimes the best policy when it comes to data protection is “don’t store the data.” This is a particularly true for […] read more

Data Encryption Software: If So Good At Protecting Data, How To Account For Wikileak?.

The big news today is the release of US diplomatic cables via WikiLeaks.  I’ve read somewhere–sorry can’t produce a link because today’s been a blur of Wikileak-related stories–that the leaked embassy missives are classified as “secret,” at least.  What this means is that the communiqués were protected with data encryption. A friend asked me, if […] read more

Data Encryption Software: TX Dept Of Health Sells Data, Recipient Uses It For Non-Research Purposes.

I’ve mentioned in the past that data encryption ought to be considered for seemingly trivial–yet personal–data, in certain cases.  For example, if a massive database of e-mail addresses is breached…so what, right? On the other hand, that’s what happened to a few years back, and that seemingly trivial information was used to infect people’s […] read more

Drive Encryption? UH Parking Office Has Server Breach, SSNs Compromised.

As an employee of company that offers disk encryption software, I have to admit that it feels weird when I veer off track and point out that there is a better solution than encryption.  But in the following story, where the University of Hawaii had a breach, that’s exactly the case. U of Hawaii and […] read more

Data Security Issues Force Pizza Delivery Guys To Ask For ID?.

Sometimes, information security is not about the latest technology in disk encryption software like AlertBoot or antivirus software.  It’s about being aware: So I’m seeing a number of sites covering a story about how a Domino’s Pizza delivery guy asked a customer for his SSN or driver’s license number before handing him over the pie […] read more