Smartphone Security: Phone Theft Drops In Cities As Kill Switches Take Hold.

Reuters is reporting the unsurprising news that London, New York City, and San Francisco are seeing dramatic drops in smartphone thefts after the implementation of kill switches on devices became mandatory.  The ability to encrypt the contents of these devices has existed for years (via smartphone encryption that came either turned on by default or […] read more

Laptop Disk Encryption: 2014 Year-End Brings Out Multiple Instances Of Laptop Theft.

As 2014 winds down, I was really under the belief that data breaches caused by the loss or theft of unencrypted laptops were really down – I hadn’t come across too many stories involving them over the past year, relatively speaking.  I had attributed this turn of events to possibly the increased use of disk […] read more

Is BYOD Leaving Your Company Wide Open to Security Breaches?.

The BYOD culture is saving companies about $1,300 per mobile user. Employees who bring their own devices also tend to be happier and more productive. How could a BYOD policy possibly have any downside? Unfortunately, BYOD also brings new security concerns. Recent data breaches have brought the need for data security to the news on a […] read more

Apple iPhone Security: Devices In Australia Hijacked By Ransom Ware.

Let’s say you are the owner of one of the i-products: iPhone, iPad, or iPod (touch).  There are  Apple MDM products designed to secure these devices.  Likewise, Macintoshes can be secured using Apple’s File Vault 2, a disk encryption software that comes free with every Mac sold in the last two years. You’re feeling secure, […] read more

Business Associates And HIPAA: Boston Medical Center Cuts Ties With Transcription Service Provider.

Boston Medical Center has cut ties with a vendor, a transcription company that they had been doing business with for 10 years, after the latter had a data breach, according to Over 15,000 patients were affected when their information was posted to a website operated and used by MDF Transcription Services (and its subcontractors). […] read more