Australia’s Notifiable Data Breaches Law Nets 31 Reports In 3 Weeks.

A new Australian law appears to be succeeding in finally unveiling the current state of data breaches in the Land Down Under. According to a release by the country’s information commissioner’s office (the OAIC), thirty-one data breaches were reported to the government since the law took effect on February 22, 2018.   Notifiable Data Breach […] read more

Australia Looking To Compel Electronic Message Decryption.

Last week, Reuters and other sources reported that the Australian government has proposed laws that would compel companies to provide access to encrypted information. Obviously, asking for such data is conditional upon taking all the proper legal steps.   A Growing Demand Governments the world over have been clamoring for access to encrypted data for […] read more

Apple iPhone Security: Devices In Australia Hijacked By Ransom Ware.

Let’s say you are the owner of one of the i-products: iPhone, iPad, or iPod (touch).  There are  Apple MDM products designed to secure these devices.  Likewise, Macintoshes can be secured using Apple’s File Vault 2, a disk encryption software that comes free with every Mac sold in the last two years. You’re feeling secure, […] read more

BYOD Security: Complying With Australian Privacy Principle 11.

Last week (28 April to 4 May 2013) was “Privacy Awareness Week” in the Asia Pacific region.  Australia is one of the entities that participates in PAW (the others are, in alphabetical order, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, Mexico, New Zealand, and the USA). As part of the awareness campaign, the Office of the Australian […] read more

Personal Data Breach: Consumer Churn Rate Directly Tied To Infosec Events Is Significant.

A global study has revealed that personal data breaches lead to sizable numbers of customers to turn their back on companies.  This might not be news, but perhaps the figures are: 23% of the respondents affirmatively answered that they have stopped doing business companies that failed to properly safeguard their data.  All the more reason […] read more

Australia Encryption Problems: Russian Hackers Use Crypto For Data Ransom.

Hackers of the Russian variety are holding the Miami Family Medical Centre hostage for $4,000.  That’s Miami, Queensland (Australia) and not Miami, Florida.  That’s right, there’s a Miami in Australia.  As surprising might be the news that encryption software like AlertBoot can be used, not to protect data, but to corrupt it. Server Hijacked, Encrypted […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Australian Institute of Company Directors Computer Stolen.

A computer was stolen from the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) during a power outage.  The desktop computer, used for testing purposes, held personal data for 66,000 people.  The computer was not protected with disk encryption like AlertBoot, although some other means of security was in place. Four Bad Practices There are so many […] read more

Email Encryption: Small Data Controversy Involving Brisbane’s Bicycle Sharing.

CityCycle — Australia, Brisbane’s shared bicycle program — was involved in a slight data breach.  I’m not sure I would recommend data encryption in this particular case, although it certainly would have prevented the breach from happening. CC v. BCC Due to human error, all subscribers to CityCycle were able to see each other’s e-mail […] read more