Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of the Cloud.

Code Spaces lived every business’s nightmare when a hacker deleted customer data, causing irreversible damage to the company.  But that doesn’t have to happen to you. Just as you install a home alarm system to prevent burglaries, you can employ security measures — such as two-factor authentication — to keep your data out of reach. […] read more

Are Federal Regulations Stifling Disruptive Healthcare Technologies in the US?.

How far can medical technology go? Wearable tech, micro sensors, and the promise of 3D printing have helped revolutionize what can be accomplished. However, many argue that government regulations and FDA guidelines are hindering the growth of this industry and holding back progress that could improve people’s lives. How necessary is this regulation and how can […] read more

Why encryption is crucial to your healthcare organization.

How much thought has your healthcare organization given to encryption? With technological advancement comes great responsibility, and when your patients’ health information is at risk, protecting your data should be a top priority.  Encryption can be the safeguard you need to prevent a security breach. Through full-disk or file encryption, your patients’ health information will […] read more

TrueCrypt is dead — and that might not be a bad thing.

TrueCrypt recently shut its doors and offered little explanation to its users. Was its software secure or subject to illegal activity? What were the implications of the company’s closure?  Clients depend on reliable security to keep their information safe. However, many organizations think it’s cost-efficient to use open-source data encryption software. This could end up […] read more

How to Recognize You’ve Outgrown an Industry (And What to Do Next).

Change can be scary. But if you wait too long to make necessary transitions, the results can be catastrophic. When your industry shifts or you’re uncertain about how your company fits into the new industry landscape, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It just means you’ve outgrown one industry and need to pursue another. But long-term success […] read more

Is BYOD Leaving Your Company Wide Open to Security Breaches?.

The BYOD culture is saving companies about $1,300 per mobile user. Employees who bring their own devices also tend to be happier and more productive. How could a BYOD policy possibly have any downside? Unfortunately, BYOD also brings new security concerns. Recent data breaches have brought the need for data security to the news on a […] read more