HIPAA Security: Don’t Decrypt Data Before You Destroy It?.

HIPAA experts know that there are only two ways to obtain safe harbor for PHI: encrypt it or destroy it.  Seeing how it’s hard to work with destroyed data, most opt to use PHI encryption software to protect their patients’ sensitive information from unauthorized access. However, the rules also clearly state that any data that […] read more

Cost of a Data Breach: MCCCD Data Breach Could Cost Up To $17.1 Million.

The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) data breach has, in some respects, been one of the more controversial data breaches of 2013.  The district didn’t notify people affected by the breach until seven months after they found out about the intrusion.  Furthermore, they only found out about it when the FBI had contacted them. […] read more

Federal Data Breach Notification Law: Attorney General Calls On Congress For One.

US Attorney General Eric Holder has released a video, asking Congress to create a national data breach notification framework, citing last year’s Target and Neiman Marcus data breaches that affected over 70 million people.  Currently, data breach notification laws are a mishmash of different requirements (assuming there is one.  The last time I checked 44 […] read more