HIPAA Encryption: Houston Methodist Hospital Report Theft Of Encrypted Laptop.

Houston Methodist Hospital has reported that 1,300 people were affected when a laptop and paper files were stolen this past Thursday.  According to reports, the hospital has installed laptop encryption software on the stolen computer which, under HIPAA rules, absolves them from the need to report this particular “data breach.” So why report it? HIPAA […] read more

HIPAA Desktop Computer Encryption: PCs Are More Portable Than You Think.

One of the ongoing debates between IT vendors and HIPAA covered entities is whether PCs – that is, the desktop computer – needs to be encrypted.  The position we hold at AlertBoot is that, if you are using encryption software to protect the contents of a laptop computer used in the office, you cannot justify […] read more

Data Breach Cost: $7 Million Used In Maricopa Breach Notification.

What’s kind of cost is involved when you have a data breach that affects nearly 2.4 million people? For starters, you can expect to shell out $7 million like Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) did, and then another $7 million to fix things up.  Figures like these provide an excellent impetus on why organizations […] read more