Laptop Encryption Security: Maybe You Won’t Want Because It’s A Comedy Source.

There really is no reason not to use laptop encryption software like AlertBoot on computers, especially on machines that carry sensitive data.  If it’s a personal computer, encryption ensures that your private information remains private.  Access to bank account numbers, personal correspondence, access to your personal email (and your friends’ email addresses), and other sensitive data that might be abused can be restricted from unauthorized eyes.

If it’s a corporate machine, it can do the same as the above plus ensure that national, state, and provincial laws are not broken.

But sometimes, losing a laptop is great just for the laughs it can provide.

I Need Help Accessing Porn (Story SFW)

According to the site, a thief was arrested for stealing a computer after he contacted a company to remove the porn block on the machine.

The computer belonged to the gentleman’s parish, the Owasso First Assembly of God, who had come to the conclusion that one of their own was responsible for the theft:

The church recognised that the theft was probably an inside job, as there wasn’t any signs of a break-in. However they still didn’t have any clues to help them find the criminal, and even after they called the police, who were of little help due to the lack of evidence, they were still flummoxed to how they could catch the person responsible.

As it turned out, they were not to be flummoxed for too long.  Covenant Eyes, a computer tracking software hired by the church, contacted the parish that “somebody had been trying to look up pornography on the computer.”

Not only that, the thief apparently contacted the security company asking for them to “take down the [porn] blocking” software.  This made it easier for the company to track the thief and provide the authorities with a location.

Relying on Dunces is not a Proper Security Policy

Things ended up pretty well for the parish.  They got their computer back, they had a laugh, and, if they choose to do so, they can exercise their Christian beliefs (we could witness a modern day Myriel act).

But rarely does the situation come out this well.  Usually, the computer gets wiped and sold.  Often times, it can lead to another crime, like the burglary of this second home.  The recovery for stolen computers tend to be low, and even machines that carry trackers only have a recovery rate of 75%.  In fact, as the technology becomes more prominent, trackers’ recovery rates could dip lower: people become more aware of their existence, leading thieves to be more careful.

This is why if you carry sensitive data on your computer, encryption software is the best way to protect it.  And with a managed encryption service like AlertBoot, you not only get the easiest, most affordable way to protect your laptops, smartphones, and tablets; you also get equally important services like reporting for audits and monitoring; automatic backups of the encryption keys; and 24/7 support in case you face problems, either a forgotten password or questions with the installation.

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