Password Security: Hashcat Can Crack 55 Character Passwords.

Wired is reporting that the password cracking program “ocl-Hashcat-plus” is now able to crack passwords up to 55 characters long.  The importance of strong, unique passwords is not lost on people who use managed laptop disk encryption like AlertBoot FDE.  However, at some point, one has to wonder whether lengthier passwords are the answer to […] read more

HIPAA Penalty: Affinity Settles For $1.2 Million Because Of Copier.

There’s a saying that once you’ve taken your sword out of its sheath, it’s hard to put it back in.  It appears to perfectly describe the stance on monetary penalties that is being handed out by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS): not content with fining Mass General Hospital $1 million in 2011 […] read more