Smart Device And Consumerization Of IT: DOD Buys 650K Apple Devices, Thumbs Down To BB10? Not So Fast.

The site reported last week that the US Department of Defense was dumping BlackBerry devices and picking up 650,000 Apple devices, including iPads, iPad minis, iPod touches, and iPhones.  When you consider that 470,000 BB devices are currently being used by the DOD – and that the DOD has 600,000 mobile device users, according to – it sounds like a wholesale dumping of BlackBerrys.

However, this might not quite be the case.  Indeed, when you consider that the DOD has been pushing for “device agnosticism” when it comes to mobile devices (and, thus, has been requesting MDM and security technologies that can handle Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and other mobile devices), it only makes sense that BlackBerry will be around in the Pentagon and other Defense Department buildings for a while.

BlackBerry: Not Going Anywhere

One day later, reported that BlackBerry “devices and services are in the so-called Security Requirement Guide approval state right now, as are others, and BlackBerry will be the first to come out of it.”  A BlackBerry spokesperson revealed that work with the DOD was “going well” and its Z10 would receive approval in April.

The site also noted that the DOD denied the original rumors about dumping BlackBerry.  This was later followed by an official press release confirming BlackBerry’s position within the DOD as part of the “Commercial Mobile Device Implementation Plan.”

For a very long time, the BB has been accused of “going nowhere.”  Sometimes, going nowhere is a good thing.  Of course, even better is to go forward.

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