BYOD Onboarding: One Of Top Five IT Gripes For Corporate Bring Your Own Device Policies.

According to, a survey by wireless specialist iPass shows that nearly half the companies that become BYOD-friendly by green-lighting a corporate “Bring Your Own Device” policy see increased IT department activity.  They ponder whether BYOD is IT’s worst nightmare.  The answer: it doesn’t have to be, at least not with AlertBoot Mobile Security, a turnkey MDM solution that is completely web-driven.

Top 5 Gripes of Company BYOD

The survey notes that the top five gripes by IT departments that recently implemented BYOD policies are the following:

  • Personal device onboarding;
  • Support for specialized members’ non-provisioned devices; 
  • Data encryption, backup and recovery; 
  • Help desk ticketing; and,
  • Corporate device onboarding.

I’m not sure whether they’re listed in order of annoyance; however, based on the fact that onboarding is positioned at #1 and #5, and based on personal experience, I’m assuming that the list does show a hierarchical bent.

The fact that device onboarding is listed is not surprising.  If there’s one thing that eats up a lot of time, it’s the addition of new employees to an organization’s identity and access management system.  Generally, it’s the first step towards other time-consuming tasks, like prepping a machine for use, ensuring that it works correctly, etc.

The tasks also begets other tasks as employees changes roles in the organization or decide to leave for greener pastures (offboarding), or as new privileges are granted regardless of the position.

Like being allowed to bring one’s own smartphone or tablet to the workplace, I guess.

Clearing at Least 4 of the Complaints in One Fell Swoop

There’s no reason why the right technological service cannot knock out at least four of the complaints listed above.  Consider AlertBoot Mobile Security, the MDM solution that handles Apple devices, Android devices, and that can also take care of encrypting Windows OS laptops with disk encryption…from within the same unified console.

The product is designed to lessen the impact on a company’s IT department by transferring the time consuming deployment process to the end users themselves.  The first procedure is to upload a list of users and their email addresses into an AlertBoot account.

The next is sending out emails to end users: they will get a pre-configured link.  Click, click, click, and their device is now installed with MDM software.  Clicking on the end users’ part is literally all it takes.

Within an hour, the IT department has knocked out gripes #1, #5, and part of #3 – and #4, helping users with installation issues, is taken over by AlertBoot’s own 24/7 support.

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