Password Security: Being Bad At Grammar Means You’re A Genius When It Comes To Security.

If you use any type of computer encryption, including AlertBoot Mobile Security to secure your laptop computer, passwords are a way of life.  So, when I heard that researchers at Carnegie Mellon University were able to crack long “passwords” because they were grammatically correct, it caught my interest. On the one hand, it’s a tremendous […] read more

Automatic USB Encryption: Two US Power Companies Infected By Malware Via USB Drives.

According to, two unnamed power companies in the US were infected when malware-infested USB drives were connected to corporate computers.  The recommendation put forth was to adopt new USB guidelines, “including the cleaning of a USB device before each use.”  The question is “how long will that last?”  How about a better approach, something […] read more

High-Tech Encryption: South Carolina Legislator Notes Not All Security Solutions Need To Be High Tech.

Strengthening computer security is one of the goals listed by the South Carolina caucus for this year.  While it may sound like a knee-jerk reaction to the ginormous data breach The Palmetto State experienced late last year, it looks like clarity of mind and sanity prevails in the SC legislature.  The House Majority Leader noted […] read more

Managed Full Disk Encryption: City Of Macon Could Have Prevented Loss Of Data The Easy Way.

According to The Telegraph at, the Sheriff’s Office is investigating how computers that contained sensitive data ended up on the auction block at  The use of managed full disk encryption like AlertBoot would have prevented this particular data breach quite easily: it would have been a matter of “deleting” the machine from the […] read more