Disk Encryption: PGP/Symantec, TrueCrypt, and BitLocker Disk Encrypted Data Can Be Accessed With Forensic Software.

The Russian firm Elcomsoft has announced that they’ve built a decryption tool that can retrieve the encryption keys to PGP (now owned by Symantec), TrueCrypt, and BitLocker encrypted computers.  On some level, this means that the above three disk encryption solutions are less secure than AlertBoot.  On the other hand, this is a vulnerability that […] read more

The Continuing World War II Pigeon Saga: Canadians Chime Up.

If someone had told me I’d be ending 2012 blogging about a pigeon, I’d have said he was crazy.  Turns out he’d be crazy like a crystal ball-gazing fox.  According to numerous sites, a Canadian World War II enthusiast has broken the coded message found on a dead WWII messenger pigeon (blogged previously here and […] read more

Australia Encryption Problems: Russian Hackers Use Crypto For Data Ransom.

Hackers of the Russian variety are holding the Miami Family Medical Centre hostage for $4,000.  That’s Miami, Queensland (Australia) and not Miami, Florida.  That’s right, there’s a Miami in Australia.  As surprising might be the news that encryption software like AlertBoot can be used, not to protect data, but to corrupt it. Server Hijacked, Encrypted […] read more

Android Security: Google’s Application Verification Service "Nascent," Lacking.

According to a researcher at North Carolina State University (who’s been quite prodigious when it comes to Google Android security issues), Android’s application verification in JellyBean — aka, Android 4.2 — is a welcome feature but also lacking when it comes to mobile security.  But, he appears to foresee an improvement.  For the time being, […] read more