Maine Personal Information Data Privacy Notification And Encryption Laws: Title 10 §1346 – §1350.

Maine, like many states in the US, has a personal data breach notification law on its books.  The law also is similar to other states’ legislation in that the use of encryption software like AlertBoot provides an exception from the onerous business of having to send such notifications. If encryption is not used (or the […] read more

More On TD Bank Data Breach Involving Backup Tapes.

Encryption software is not a magical cure-all for digital data woes, but it certainly can cut down on the risks of them coming to fruition.  Take, for example, the TD Bank data breach that I had blogged about earlier this month. In that particular case, computer tapes that contained Social Security numbers and other sensitive […] read more

Weak Encryption: Researchers Crack Encryption On Australian Public Transportation.

Researchers revealed at an Australian security conference that they cracked the encryption used by a state public transport system for issuing tickets (read: free rides).  Unlike the encryption algorithm used by AlertBoot laptop encryption — AES-256, which is open to public poking — the transportation system was using a custom-designed one.  Usually, that’s a bad […] read more

Hong Kong Laptop Security: Immigration Department, Airport Division, Reports Theft Of Three Laptops.

The Immigration Department at Chek Lap Kok airport (officially known as Hong Kong International Airport.  Chek Lap Kok is the name of the island on which the airport is built.  And, yes, there is a joke in there for English speakers) has reported the theft of three laptop computers owned by the government body. The […] read more