Data Encryption Software: Guitar Hero Password Entry Prevents Rubber Hose Password Cracks.

The psychological concept of “implicit learning” is being touted as a way of “memorizing” very complicated passwords that these cannot be revealed via blunt-force threats, aka “rubber hose attacks.”  The password mechanism could mean enhanced security, I admit.  After all, the weakest part of any mobile security software, including disk encryption software like AlertBoot, is, […] read more

Data Breach Cost: Global Payments Reports Breach Cost $84.4 Million.

Global Payments, a Sandy Springs-based credit and debit card processor that disclosed in March 30 that it was hacked, says that its data breach cleanup costs have reached $84.4 million so far.  While it’s debatable whether data encryption would have made a difference — the company has advocated end-to-end encryption for credit card transactions since […] read more

Canada Data Encryption: Ottawa Pensioners’ Information Breached in Philippines.

The reports that approximately 800 Ottawa pensioners were affected when a hard drive belonging to Towers Watson — the American firm that specializes in human resources consulting — went missing from storage in Manila, the Philippines.  The drive in question was not protected with the likes of AlertBoot hard disk encryption. Company Thinks There’s […] read more

Hospital Laptop Encryption: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Data Breach Affects 3,900.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is alerting 3,900 patients that a laptop computer with personal medical information was stolen.  The article at reveals that a tracking device was used on the laptop, but it’s not mentioned whether the device was protected with data encryption software like AlertBoot.  Regardless, patients should be able to rest […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Protection For The "Crazy Hot".

No one would associate disk encryption with “sexy” by any measure — you might think, how can these two possibly be connected, no matter how tenuous the link? — but if the following story is to be believed, the hotter you are, the more you need data encryption software like AlertBoot. Laptop and Undie Thief […] read more

Data Breach Cost: Stratfor $50 Million Lawsuit Being Settled For $1.75 Million.

I just stumbled upon the news that Stratfor — the global security analysis company that was hacked by Anonymous on Christmas of last year, and was the butt of jokes for some time because of the irony — has announced its intention to settle.  The proposed settlement, if accepted, leaves my head scratching.  It’s the […] read more

Cost Of A Data Breach: South Korea’s FSS To Give Cautionary Warning To Samsung, Hana-SK CEOs.

South Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service (FSS, the peninsula’s financial regulator) is expected to hand out light sanctions to the CEOs of credit card companies that breached customer data, according to sources. According to people in the know, the announcement will be made on July 19, and the FSS will recommend a “cautionary warning” to Chi […] read more