Drive Encryption Software: Inspiration For 007’s "M" Experiences Laptop Theft.

You’d imagine an ex-spook would not have to deal with the regular goings-on of ordinary people, but apparently laptop thieves are a force to be dealt with when in an airport.  Dame Stella Rimington, former head of the UK’s MI5 and inspiration for Judy Dench’s “M” in the beloved James Bond movies, has had her laptop computer stolen.  No word on whether disk encryption software like AlertBoot was used.

Case Remanded to Counterterrorism Unit

The case has been “reported to the Met’s SO15 Counter-Terrorism Command because of security concerns,” per  The chief concern is the retired head of the MI5’s contact list: at her level — head of the UK’s (arguably) most celebrated intelligence agency and dame, as in the counterpart to a knight — the concern is a real one.

In light of things, one hopes that strong disk encryption software was used to secure the laptop.  In cases like this, the best defense is prevention, and that’s what disk encryption is: a formidable obstacle for those looking to gain unauthorized access to a computer.

Granted, the laptop was probably stolen because (a) it’s a laptop, (b) the thieves thought they’d get away with it, and (c) they figured an old lady would not chase after them if the victim noticed (Dame Rimington is 77 years old, after all).

But then, who can tell when cloaks and daggers are involved?

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