Canada Hard Disk Encryption: Manitoba Progressive Conservatives’ Laptops And Desktop Computers Stolen.

Laptop computers and desktop computers belonging to Manitoba (Canada) Progressive Conservative staff members were stolen on Wednesday.  The computers held materials used “to prepare for question period.”  It was pointed out that the computers were password protected, but there is no mention of proper security like AlertBoot managed disk encryption.

No Signs of a Break-In

According to, there were no signs of a break-in.  Except for the missing computers, that is.

Based on the lack of signs of forced entry, the Tories are willing to admit that “someone may have simply left a window open”:

The building is warm, as we all know, everybody that’s in this building. You never say never, so at this point in time we really don’t have these details.

Sigh.  This is exactly the reason why encryption software is a must-use data security tool if your computers hold sensitive or private information.  People justify the non-use of encryption because:

  • They have no intention of taking their computer equipment outside the physical security perimeter

  • They signed up with a security company like ADT and help will arrive in less than 5 minutes if the alarm is triggered

And then, bam!, an open window renders useless the “carefully” thought-out security.

Why do people insist on not accounting for the likely confluence of negligible security events, like someone leaving a window open and a burglar passing by the offices in the same temporal plane?

Repeat after me: secure the data, not the device.  The veracity of this mantra will become even more apparent as we leap into the BYOD trend.

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