Can The FTC Penalize A Company For Being Hacked?.

The answer is no, of course.  That would mean that even companies that fall to hackers despite using data security tools — like centrally managed data encryption software from AlertBoot — would feel the sting of the Federal Trade Commission (or, at least, fear it).  And, as security experts note, when it comes to data […] read more

Data Encryption: Samsung, LG AMOLED Secrets Leaked Via USB Memory Stick.

The big news tonight, in Korea, was that key technologies related to Samsung and LG’s AMOLED displays were smuggled out by employees of an Israeli subsidiary in Korea.  How did these intrepid yet arrested men manage to do this?  With a 4 GB USB memory stick that, last time I checked, cost less than $10.  […] read more

What The Dirty Dozen Teaches Us About Security Questions.

I was reading an article at the New York Times online on passwords (and their “dreaded security questions” such as “In what city were you born?”) and how they are impossible to keep straight.  This being the Fashion & Style section (whodda thunk it?  Data security issues covered in the fashion section of the Gray […] read more

Android Phone App Security: App Steals Contactless Credit Card Data.

The world of mobile phone security certainly is more interesting than that of laptops and desktop computers.  If you haven’t heard, there is a now an app for skimming information from NFC cards via a smartphone.  The technology is apparently so new that some people have problems understanding what it does: The “paycardreader” app lets […] read more