European Laptop Thefts: UK Is No.1, Denmark Is No.2.

While the US remains tops when it comes to laptop thefts worldwide, a report shows that the UK takes the top spot when only Europe is being considered (and it takes the second top stop globally).  Denmark comes third in the world when it comes to laptop thefts.  Interestingly enough, we see more of a demand for AlertBoot laptop encryption software from Europe than from the US.

Mobile Work Office Having an Effect?

The report shows that less than 10% of laptop thefts occurred in the traditional workplace (i.e., from offices).  Instead, laptops were stolen from residences (14%) and cars (11%).  When you consider that more and more work is done outside of the office (which makes sense, seeing how a laptop is meant to be portable), it only makes sense.

Not to mention that, generally, offices are generally better protected than residences from physical intrusions.

The report also showed that laptop tend to be stolen more during the summer.  While it’s believed that “employees are usually on holiday and laptops” and “left unsecured” their laptops in their homes, I have a different theory: thieves, like everyone else, tend to be more active when the weather is fairer.

I mean, people keep their laptops unsecured in their homes when they vacation during winter, too, ya know?

All the more reason why the modern workforce must look into using disk encryption software.  With a managed encryption solution like AlertBoot, you can combine the demands of the workplace (high security, centrally managed encryption policies by the IT department) with the flexibility that employees require (encryption over the cloud, no matter where the employee is.  No need to come in and wait for encryption to be installed on a computer).

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