Data Security: Top 10 Phishing Hosting Countries.

Often times, our (incorrect) sense of security leads us to do stupid things when it comes to data security, such as assuming that the back seat of a car is as good as computer drive encryption like AlertBoot when it comes to laptop security.

Along the same vein, it looks like we might not be getting the whole picture when it comes to data security when it comes to phishing.  According to an annual report by Websense, the top 10 phishing-hosting countries are:

1. United States
2. Canada
3. Egypt
4. Germany
5. France
6. Romania
7. Netherlands
8. United Kingdom
9. Russia
10. Israel

You’ll notice that the usual suspects such as China, the former Soviet eastern bloc, South Korea, and other countries that usually make the lists when it comes to the spread of viruses, trojans, etc. are not listed (Russia is the only exception that comes to mind, but look at its ranking — #9).

The theory is that cybercriminals are using the squeaky-clean image of Canada (and other nations) to gain an edge in their phishing attempts.

I’m reminded of that counterintuitive observation: you catch the really dangerous diseases in hospitals.

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