Hospital Disk Encryption: Upper Valley Medical Center Hard Drive Missing.

It’s being reported that the “hard drive from a computer” has been stolen from Upper Valley Medical Center.  Thankfully, patient information was not present on the missing device, but it’s grounds for reviewing the question: why is it, again, that HIPAA-covered entities are not required to use drive encryption software like AlertBoot? Nicked at Night […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Boston Children’s Hospital Laptop Stolen In Buenos Aires.

Argentina: the land of tango, “hand of God” Maradona, and, now, location where an employee at the Boston Children’s Hopsital lost a laptop with information on over 2,000 people.  The laptop computer in question was not protected with laptop encryption software like AlertBoot, triggering a medical data breach. South American Conference Why was the laptop […] read more