Data Encryption: Two Of The Six Lasting Legacies Of 2006 VA Data Breach.

According to, the Veterans Affairs Department has gone from being the icon of incompetence to “model for how to effectively integrate touch safeguards into its daily operations.”  It has listed six “lasting effects” (positive ones) from the 2006 VA data breach that affected 26.5 million veterans.  Two of those slots are reserved for the […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Senator Franken Wants It To Protect Medical Data.

Minnesota Senator Al Franken (and former SNL alumn) is considering legislation, at the state or federal level, that would require the encryption of laptops containing private medical information.  In other words, a solution like full disk encryption from AlertBoot. Consequence from Accretive Health Data Breach Various sources, including, are reporting that Sen. Franken has […] read more

Data Encryption Software: South Shore Hospital Pays $750K In MA, HIPAA Settlement.

Numerous sources are reporting that South Shore Hospital, based in Weymouth, MA, has settled a lawsuit brought by the Massachusetts Attorney General.  The settlement is being quoted as $750,000 but this figure is not quite correct: $275,000 of the total figure is a credit for security measures South Shore has already taken. The breach has […] read more

Smartphone Scam: Fake Angry Birds Result in £50,000 Fine.

The majority of malware attacks on smartphones come in the form of spyware and SMS trojans.  A UK company was fined £50,000 (approximately $78,000) for dabbling in the latter.  One key aspect of smartphone data protection is to download apps from reputable sources only. Secretly Spoofed Apps Send Premium SMS According to, a company […] read more

Smartphone Security: Locating Stolen Smart Devices Hit-Or-Miss In Berkeley Police Scandal.

How many police officers does it take to find a stolen iPhone that’s pinpointing its location?  Apparently, more than ten, if a couple of articles are to be believed, such as one from the  It just goes on to prove that a mix of different approaches to security works best, and you’ve best have […] read more

Hospital Disk Encryption: Upper Valley Medical Center Hard Drive Missing.

It’s being reported that the “hard drive from a computer” has been stolen from Upper Valley Medical Center.  Thankfully, patient information was not present on the missing device, but it’s grounds for reviewing the question: why is it, again, that HIPAA-covered entities are not required to use drive encryption software like AlertBoot? Nicked at Night […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Boston Children’s Hospital Laptop Stolen In Buenos Aires.

Argentina: the land of tango, “hand of God” Maradona, and, now, location where an employee at the Boston Children’s Hopsital lost a laptop with information on over 2,000 people.  The laptop computer in question was not protected with laptop encryption software like AlertBoot, triggering a medical data breach. South American Conference Why was the laptop […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: A Strange Case Of Laptops Stolen Because Of The Data.

Whenever I run across stories of lost or stolen laptops that caused data breaches, it’s quite evident that the portable devices were taken because of what they are: hardware commodities that can be sold easily and anonymously.  The advantages of having full disk encryption like AlertBoot is pretty evident under such circumstances, especially if the […] read more