Mobile Device Security: InfoSecurity Europe Survey Shows 44% Don’t Encrypt.

Paranoia.  It’s one quality that grows in you — if you didn’t suffer from it already —  if you work in the information security space.  But, apparently it doesn’t affect everyone.  A survey was taken among participants of London’s InfoSecurity Europe show last year.  The show being what it is, it’s not far-fetched to assume that the crowd is “security aware.”  But, 44% of those who admitted to carrying sensitive information on their mobile device did not encrypt data.

There are many mobile devices out there, but in today’s BYOD culture, if you’re carrying sensitive data on your mobile device, chances are that you have a smartphone, such as an iPhone or an Android OS-based phone.

These devices already come with powerful encryption.  All one has to do is turn it on.

Of course, statistics being what they are, it could be that this 44% represents a tiny number of people.  Remember, it’s 44% of those who carry sensitive data.  If you’re truly paranoid, you ensure you don’t carry sensitive info on your mobile device.

Assuming such paranoia affects half the crowd, the above 44% would represent only 22% of the entire crowd.  I guess it’s not a stretch to assume that about a quarter of people who attended London’s InfoSecurity Europe show were regular laypeople.

But, data breaches will bite anyone.  Regardless of your level of paranoia or job description, if you carry sensitive data on your mobile device, you should encrypt your device.

Do it right now.

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