Data Protection: Aneurin Bevan Health Board Fined £70,000 By ICO.

Aneurin Bevan Health Board (ABHB), a Welsh health board, has become the first NHS organization to be fined under the Data Protection Act.  Based on the number of breaches that the NHS has been reporting over the years, it’s surprising that this hasn’t happened sooner.  For example, plenty of USB memory sticks, external hard drives, […] read more

Data Security: Fake Skype Encryption Is Really Trojan In Disguise.

The Trend Micro blog brings us news that a website (blocked for our own good) is offering software that purportedly provides encryption for Skype (Skype Encription v 2.1.exe).  Which seems redundant because encryption is already used in Skype (it is the same that is used in AlertBoot hard drive encryption: AES-256). You can corroborate this […] read more

Mobile Device Security: InfoSecurity Europe Survey Shows 44% Don’t Encrypt.

Paranoia.  It’s one quality that grows in you — if you didn’t suffer from it already —  if you work in the information security space.  But, apparently it doesn’t affect everyone.  A survey was taken among participants of London’s InfoSecurity Europe show last year.  The show being what it is, it’s not far-fetched to assume […] read more

Data Encryption: How Many Breaches Did Hospitals Face In 2011?.

Thanks to HITECH, we have been able to get a better grasp of medical data breaches: how many there are in a given year, how many people are affected, and how it occurs (paper documents, laptop loss, laptop theft, etc).  All signs point for more use of data security tools like drive encryption software from […] read more

Data Security: Google WiSpy Is Much Ado About Nothing? Depends On Where You Are.

I ran across an article by Mike Elgan, “Why Google should be allowed to ‘harvest’ your Wi-Fi data.”  The gist of the argument is that “Google didn’t do anything wrong” because “Wi-Fi is radio broadcast over the public airwaves.”  Well, it depends, actually. To summarize Elgan’s article: Google, in certain instances, collected personal information such as […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Eugene, Oregon Podiatrist’s Computer Stolen.

A Eugene (Oregon) podiatrist’s clinic was broken into in February of this year.  The thief made off with a number of items, including a computer with patient information.  The computer appears to not have been protected with hard drive encryption like AlertBoot, since affected patients are being contacted via the mail. Based on comments left […] read more