Laptop Encryption Software: Howard University Hospital Notifies 34,000 Patients Of Data Breach.

Howard University Hospital has sent a breach notification letter, as required under HITECH’s Breach Notification Rule, to 34,503 patients.  A contractor’s laptop, protected only with password-protection, was stolen.  Technically speaking, though, wouldn’t this have been a data breach even if the contractor had used disk encryption software like AlertBoot to secure his laptop’s contents, or […] read more

Canada Disk Encryption: eHealth Data Breach Launches Internal Review.

According to, eHealth Saskatchewan started a security review after computers to be disposed were mistakenly picked up by a computer refurbishing company.  It’s incidences likes these that not only highlight the importance of drive encryption software like AlertBoot but show why encryption software is a valuable foundation on which to build an organization’s data […] read more