Backup Tape Encryption: California Department of Child Support Services Breaches Data On 800,000.

Numerous, numerous sources are reporting that the California Department of Child Support Services breached the personal information of approximately 800,000 California residents when four backup tapes went missing when they were sent via FedEx from Colorado to California.  Needless to say, encryption — the same that powers AlertBoot’s laptop encryption software — should have been […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Howard University Hospital Notifies 34,000 Patients Of Data Breach.

Howard University Hospital has sent a breach notification letter, as required under HITECH’s Breach Notification Rule, to 34,503 patients.  A contractor’s laptop, protected only with password-protection, was stolen.  Technically speaking, though, wouldn’t this have been a data breach even if the contractor had used disk encryption software like AlertBoot to secure his laptop’s contents, or […] read more

Canada Disk Encryption: eHealth Data Breach Launches Internal Review.

According to, eHealth Saskatchewan started a security review after computers to be disposed were mistakenly picked up by a computer refurbishing company.  It’s incidences likes these that not only highlight the importance of drive encryption software like AlertBoot but show why encryption software is a valuable foundation on which to build an organization’s data […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Citi Story Shows User Behavior Trumps Security In Unexpected Ways.

In certain security circles, it’s said that people are the number one weakness when it comes to strong data encryption.  For example, it doesn’t matter how excellent AlertBoot is when it comes to securing laptops’ hard drives, it won’t be of much use if users are able to set their password as “12345.” Such failures […] read more

Mobile Security: Sell Used iPhones, BlackBerrys. Crush Used Android Devices.

According to a McAfee identity theft expert, you have nothing to fear from the sale of a “wiped” BlackBerry device or an Apple iPhone.  But, you might want to think twice about selling your Android device.  The same applies to Windows XP machines (but honestly, the use of drive encryption software like AlertBoot would easily […] read more

Military Hard Disk Encryption: Ireland’s Reserve Defence Forces Data Breach.

According to, a senior officer with the Reserve Defence Forces (RDF) of Ireland had his laptop stolen, triggering a data breach.  It is quite clear that the laptop in question was not protected with disk encryption like AlertBoot, which would have (potentially) stopped the need for victimized reserve officers to “frantically check with their […] read more

Full Disk Encryption: Georgia Health Sciences University Announces Breach.

According to a number of sources, Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU) is notifying 513 patients that their medical data was breached when a nurse practitioner’s computer was stolen.  It’s not mentioned whether laptop encryption software like AlertBoot was used, but it’s quite apparent that they didn’t. Laptop Computer Stolen from Nurse’s Home According to GHSU’s […] read more