HIPAA/HITECH Data Breach Reports: Incidents Involving 500 Or Less To Be Reported By End Of February.

The site jdsupra.com has a short but urgent observation that February is the month when all HIPAA covered-entities must report any incidents which involved 500 or less PHI data breaches.  Again, a stark reminder that if you are a covered entity, it pays in the long run to use drive encryption software like AlertBoot. More […] read more

Data Encryption: Fricosu Case Offers New Problem. Defendant Doesn’t Remember Password.

I figured this would happen.  I haven’t mentioned it in my coverage of US v. Fricosu, but once the judgment was handed down that Ramona Fricosu must provide decrypted evidence, I wondered whether she would make the claim that she forgot the password.  Such things happen quite often when it comes to data encryption software. […] read more