Data Encryption Software: Avnet Servers Stolen, ICO Looking Into Breach.

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office is looking into a data breach that occurred in December 2011.  According to, Avnet Technology Solutions suffered a data breach on December 21 when “unknown parties broke into” their offices.  Could the use of data encryption software mollified the ICO?  Probably.  Was it an option?  Well…maybe. Server Hard Disks […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption: Victoria House Children’s Centre Data Breach.

A staff member at Victoria House Children’s Centre in Barnstaple, UK breached protocol (and data security laws) when a USB flashdrive was stolen from her.  Obviously, the use of drive encryption like AlertBoot would have prevented the breach from ever taking place. Such technological solutions are always preferable over what Action for Children (AFC) — […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: UC Berkeley Says Secure Desktop Computers.

It’s not very often that I run across an article where the author asks readers to encrypt desktop computers.  But, the Chief Privacy and Information Risk Officer at UC Berkeley is doing exactly that in a post. Short but Straight to the Point Ms. Ann Geyer, CPO and CIO at University of California, Berkeley, has […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: Preferred Skin Solutions Data Breach.

Reviewing a list of old stories I’ve missed over the past month, I see that a small skin care clinic, Preferred Skin Solutions, based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma has reported a data breach.  A computer was stolen, prompting the clinic to reach out to clients.  It’s a situation that a simple remedy would have prevented: […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Ochsner Medical Center Computer Drive Missing.

Ochsner Medical Center, based out of suburban New Orleans, is notifying patients about a possible data breach.  An external hard drive used for backup purposes is missing, and it appears that the device was not protected with disk encryption software like AlertBoot. Proprietary Format Several sources note that a backup hard drive is missing from […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Fairbridge Signs Undertaking With UK ICO.

A youth charity, Fairbridge, has signed an Undertaking with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, promising to better protect personal information.  Among the promises: the use of hard disk encryption like AlertBoot when and where it is necessary. Two Cases Fairbridge admitted to data breaches in its Undertaking.  In one, a laptop computer was lost at […] read more

Full Disk Encryption: Craven District Council Signs Undertaking For Laptop Theft.

The Craven District Council (quite the unfortunate name, that) has signed an Undertaking with the Information Commissioner’s Office.  A laptop which contained information on 2,300 children was stolen.  The device as not protected with disk encryption software like AlertBoot.  So why weren’t they fined? Proper Security I keep track of ICO monetary penalties.  In the […] read more