Data Encryption Software: Yet Another Article on Yet Another Authentication Scheme.

Or, YAA On YAAS.  The site is carrying another article on futuristic password killer initiatives by the military.  Passwords are, of course, of great interest to those dealing with data encryption (such as yours truly, at AlertBoot) since they’re usually the points of failure when it comes to information security. And, yet, one wonders […] read more

Drive Encryption: Data Lost In Transit Is Now #2 Reason For Data Breaches.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, hacking is now the leading cause of data breaches followed by data lost in transit (laptops, external storage devices, USB flash disks, etc) and insider theft (#2 and #3, respectively).  All the more reason why encryption software should be used. 419 Publically Disclosed Breaches in 2011 According to […] read more

Data Encryption: Victorinox Offering $3000, 1 TB Flash Drive Later This Year.

According to various sites focusing on gadgets, Victorniox — manufacturers of the official Swiss Army Knife — has debuted a one terabyte flash drive that will cost $3,000 (or less, the company hopes).  1 TB is a lot of information.  No wonder, then, that it will feature AES-256 encryption, which is the algorithm powering AlertBoot […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption Software: Computer Repairman Steals School Computers.

Encryption software for desktop computers is not a bad idea at all, as the following story shows.  According to, a man posing as a computer repairman walked into two schools in Austin, Texas and walked out with five computers. Assumed He was Legitimate Two Texas schools were defrauded of their computers in November 2011.  […] read more

Data Encryption Software: They’re Using Salmon DNA To Store Data.

Well, not yet.  But, according to, researchers in Taiwan and Germany have conducted studies that show a combination of salmon DNA, silver nanoparticles, and UV light could be used for storing information, creating a “write once, read many times” device, or WORM (usually known as ROM, read-only memory, to people who still stick to […] read more

Data Encryption Software And Fifth Amendment: Fricosu Case Similar To Boucher Case?. has an update on the US v. Fricosu case, which I covered here last year.  A couple of more revelations have popped since I last covered it.  Among them: trying to crack the laptop encryption software might damage the disk.  Huh? Foregone Conclusion Doctrine As I noted in my July 2011 post, there are […] read more

Update On Stratfor Client Weak Passwords (Updated, Again).

Apparently my ruminations, yesterday, on Stratfor not salting their passwords were not mere speculation.  I kind of had doubts because I couldn’t imagine a company in this day and age not salting their password hashes (it’d be like using the password as the key to drive encryption — a bad and discouraged practice). Then, I […] read more