Data Encryption: Victorinox Offering $3000, 1 TB Flash Drive Later This Year.

According to various sites focusing on gadgets, Victorniox — manufacturers of the official Swiss Army Knife — has debuted a one terabyte flash drive that will cost $3,000 (or less, the company hopes).  1 TB is a lot of information.  No wonder, then, that it will feature AES-256 encryption, which is the algorithm powering AlertBoot laptop encryption software.

New, Not Unprecedented

This is not the first time that the knife company (and now, apparently a lifestyle company offering knives, cutlery, timepieces, travel gear, fashion accessories, and fragranges.  However you might want to transform yourself, to me, you’ll always be the unofficial sponsor of MacGyver) has offered an attractively-packaged USB flashdrive.  Nearly two years ago, Victorinox offered a similar product.

Then, like now, the flashdrives were protected with strong encryption software.  And why not?  It only makes sense to offer good security for a device that is (a) very small, making it probably to lose it and (b) attractive.

The device comes in gigabyte (64, 128, 256) and terabyte (1) flavors and will feature an LCD display that shows storage availability.

Encryption Software Not Just for Small Stuff

Of course, I’m not implying that encryption should be available (and used) because the device is small.  Encryption should be seriously considered for any devices that (a) can be lifted by the average person and (b) store sensitive information.

Under these conditions, cryptographic protection should be used on external hard disk drives, USB flash drives, laptops, and other mobile devices (like an iPhone), but also on backup tapes, desktop computers, CDs, etc.

If you need encryption, there are plenty of good, free solutions out there.  If you need something that doesn’t require you to do everything — ranging from installation to encryption key backups — then options like AlertBoot endpoint security are available.

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