Data Encryption: Victorinox Offering $3000, 1 TB Flash Drive Later This Year.

According to various sites focusing on gadgets, Victorniox — manufacturers of the official Swiss Army Knife — has debuted a one terabyte flash drive that will cost $3,000 (or less, the company hopes).  1 TB is a lot of information.  No wonder, then, that it will feature AES-256 encryption, which is the algorithm powering AlertBoot […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption Software: Computer Repairman Steals School Computers.

Encryption software for desktop computers is not a bad idea at all, as the following story shows.  According to, a man posing as a computer repairman walked into two schools in Austin, Texas and walked out with five computers. Assumed He was Legitimate Two Texas schools were defrauded of their computers in November 2011.  […] read more