Data Breach Costs: Nobody Expects The Inquisition.

And by The Inquisition, I’m not referring to the Spanish one (historical or Monty Pythonish.  Monty Pythonian?).  I’m referring to the US House of Representatives.  According various sources, five members of Congress have sent a letter to TRICARE, inquiring as to why SAIC has been rewarded with on-going contracts despite numerous data breaches.  Oops…I guess […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption: Virtual Radiologic Professionals Data Breach.

One of the most disappointing types of breach notification letters I read is that which involves encrypted laptops. Like the story of Virtual Radiologic Professionals, where an encrypted laptop was stolen.  Despite the use of encryption, they still had to announce the incident as a data breach.  And for a good reason, too. Not Set […] read more