Drive Encryption Software: Ingham County Prosecutor Laptop Stolen But Protected.

According to, a laptop computer was stolen from an Ingham County (Michigan) assistant prosecutor.  However, it looks like there’s nothing to fear: the computer was protected with encryption software like AlertBoot.

Hmmmm….or was it?

Stolen from Car

According to the chief assistant prosecutor for Ingham county (who appears to have taken the duty as spokeswoman in this case), the incident occurred on November 11.  The laptop computer was stolen from the assistant prosecutor’s car after he left it unlocked.  A badge was also stolen, which creates problems of its own.

Thankfully, the work computer issued to the prosecutor was protected with encryption (possibly something similar to laptop encryption from AlertBoot).  Although, upon a second read, I’m not sure that’s quite the case:

“Our software is encrypted,” said Lisa McCormick, chief assistant prosecutor for Ingham County, adding such protections were put into place for instances such as this.

Our software is encrypted.  What does that mean?  After all, it’s not particularly important whether your software is encrypted; what you want is for your data to be encrypted.  I guess, technically, software as well data gets encrypted when one uses full disk encryption software: FDE ensures that everything on a laptop computer is protected since the disk itself is encrypted.

Did Ms. McCormick mean this by her remarks?  Or was it just a slip of the tongue?  For example, perhaps she meant hardware instead of software.

Anyhow, I doubt it matters.  As chief assistant prosecutor, I’m pretty sure she’s not in charge of the IT department.  Seeing how encryption was in place prior to a laptop being stolen, it looks like someone is in charge of data security, and is doing a good job.

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