Disk Encryption: VA CIO Says All Laptops Encrypted By 2012.

The Chief Information Officer for the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) has told reporters that all laptops used by the VA will be encrypted by February 2012.  The race to protect all laptops by using drive encryption software — something akin to AlertBoot, no doubt — has been on ever since the VA had a massive […] read more

ICO Issues Penalties To North Somerset And Worcestershire Councils.

The UK’s Information Commissioner has assessed penalties of £80,000 and £60,000 to Worcestershire County Council and North Somerset Council, respectively.  These fines were assessed for sending emails to the wrong recipients.  Of course, there is nothing that a laptop encryption software solution like AlertBoot could have done to prevent this.  Perhaps email encryption could have […] read more

Data Encryption Software: In The UK, Computer Encryption Is Half Empty Glass.

Or a half full glass, depending on how you view it.  According to a study, about half of UK businesses have installed data encryption, something similar to AlertBoot, on their computers. 52% Use Encryption According to the survey, 52% have confirmed the use of data encryption software on their laptops, 43% have say they did […] read more

Data Security: Korea’s MapleStory (Nexon) Gets Hacked, Second Largest SK Breach.

South Korea has seen another massive data breach less than three months after its largest breach ever (Cyworld).  A backup server for MapleStory, an MMPORG particularly popular among teens and people in their 20s, was hacked.  Hackers made off with information for 13.2 million South Koreans.  Although MapleStory is a popular game around the world, […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Southwark Council Avoids Penalty.

The Southwark Council in the UK (in South-East London) has avoided a penalty despite having breached the Data Protection Act of 1998.  Approximately 7,200 people were affected by the incident.  Full disk encryption like AlertBoot was not used to defend the contents of a desktop computer that was discarded (but, the fact that the DPA […] read more