iPad Theft Leads To Data Breach For Eventbrite.

Eventbrite, a ticketing and event management company based out of San Francisco, California, has alerted the authorities of a potential data breach, as well as publicizing the incident in their blog.  Two iPads with customer information were stolen.  Thankfully, iPads are always encrypted by default (they use something similar to AlertBoot full disk encryption) and […] read more

Texas Data Breach Law Amended To Include All US Residents.

It looks like it’s time to make an update to my Texas data breach law post from a couple of years ago.  According to many sources, the Texas legislature amended Business and Commerce Code Section, 521.053.  This section originally required the notification of data breaches to Texas residents (and safe harbor was extended with the […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Correction on Fairview, North Memorial Laptop Theft.

It looks like I might have jumped the gun on yesterday’s article.  I’ve gone back to see if I could find anything else about the Fairview and North Memorial laptop encryption theft, and nowhere do I see a mention of the stolen computer being someone’s personal laptop. Many of the original facts remain in place, […] read more

Medical Laptop Encryption Software: 16,800 Fairview, North Memorial Patients Affected By Laptop Theft (Updated).

14,000 Fairview patients and 2,800 North Memorial patients in Minneapolis are being alerted that their protected health information was breached due to the actions of an employee at a subcontractor.  The laptop was not protected with drive encryption software like AlertBoot despite obligations to the contrary. Update (28 SEP 2011): I’ve just gone back to […] read more

More X-Rays Stolen: Good Samaritan Hospital Has Data Breach.

Around this time last year, I covered a story that had absolutely nothing to do with data encryption software: the theft of old x-rays from a medical establishment. Well, it looks like such shenanigans are still on-going.  The Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland has alerted the authorities that a man posed as an x-ray […] read more

Why Choose Desktop Encryption Over File Encryption?.

Desktop encryption software via the cloud is what AlertBoot does (and does very well).  Apparently, so does Laplink.  A review in law.com (link at the bottom of this article) titled “Desktop Encryption Moves to the Cloud” shows how Laplink’s new encryption software is cloud-based.  However, there is one criticism I’d like to make: Laplink’s product […] read more

Third Sector Encryption: Protecting Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Data.

The UK website thirdsector.co.uk, has an article on “Safeguarding the data of donors and users.”  It’s my opinion that of all types of organizations, charities should fear data breaches the most: the loss of information has negative effects on an organization, and charities that rely on donations to fund their operations could see a breach […] read more